About NPA

Nut Producers Australia (NPA) was formed in 2004 when Riverland Almonds and Australian Pioneer Pistachios merged their management and sales functions.  By joining these long established businesses, customers and growers are able to gain a wider range of products with greater economies of scale.

The vast majority of NPA almonds and pistachios are grown by its shareholders and directors. They are pioneers of the Australian almond and pistachio industries, with almost 150 years of combined experience in the growing, processing and marketing of Australian almonds and pistachios.

We control every stage of production ... from orchard planning and variety selection to irrigation methods, harvesting regimes, hulling, shelling, sorting, packaging and selling of our quality finished goods.

We export our products to over sixteen countries.

At NPA, we endeavour to understand your nut business so we can best serve your requirements. From tree to trade, we strive to ensure that our product meets the needs of our valued customers. Being a dynamic organisation, we can react quickly to the needs of our customers, by tailoring our products to suit the particular needs of the markets within which they operate.

When you deal with NPA, you deal directly with the grower and processor.