Health authorities worldwide recommend eating nuts for good health.

Almonds contribute fibre, Vitamin E, and magnesium to the diet and are an excellent source of healthy fats.  Over 90% of  the fats in almonds are unsaturated and particularly high in linoleic acid, which is one of the essential fatty acids. 

Almonds are an extremely rich source of Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.  Studies have shown that the Vitamin E found naturally in almonds, together with its flavonoids and other antioxidants, work in synergy to prevent LDL, or 'bad' cholesterol from being oxidized.  In fact, this research found that together Vitamin E and almond flavonoids were more than twice as effective as when they were administered separately.  These findings further demonstrate how the nutrients in whole foods such as almonds can positively impact health. Mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are known to lower cholesterol levels when substituted for saturated fats in the diet.  Almonds are naturally cholesterol free.

Please open the PDF below to view the tree nut nutrition table, courtesy of Nuts for Life.

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