Riverland Almonds has a well established quality culture. Our employees are committed and strictly adhere to quality control procedures, HACCP program disciplines, food safety and hygiene protocols.  Our Loxton processing facility has SQF 2000 accreditation and complies with Australian grocery retailer vendor quality management systems.

Almonds are supplied fresh from the orchards.

Our growers use integrated pest management systems to grow the almonds without using insecticides.

Entomologists are employed to monitor and manage the ideal ecosystem to produce the finest almonds without the use of pesticides.  Mindful that the use of insecticides is disruptive to biological control, our growers use procedures to encourage beneficial birds and insects into the orchards. Pests and insects are also biologically controlled by integrated pest management.  Our growers manage cover crops to improve soil structure and to create an environment for sustainable operations.  Our finished product is sampled and independently tested to confirm that there are no pesticide residues in the almonds after harvest.

All of our growers maintain independently audited quality management systems.