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Since the early 1980’s, Australian Pioneer Pistachios has pioneered the growing, production and marketing of Australian Pistachios.

We are committed to the long-term supply of Australian pistachios and have made a large investment in establishing the industry. We have actively pursued the best production practices from around the world and supply an excellent product at a competitive price.

The Riverland and Sunraysia regions of Australia are ideally suited for pistachio growing. The climate conditions include hot summers and a dry autumn harvest period. The water from the Murray River provides the source of irrigation. Pistachios are harvested in March each year.

We have recently completed the expansion  of the hulling and grading plant at Robinvale, Victoria to including a roasting and packing facility.  The plant is located in the heart of the Australian growing region and will continue to expand as new plantings come into production.

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