Product range

Our First Grade and Fancy grades of pistachios are naturally opened and split on the tree. 

At our pistachio processing plant, we use a unique technique to ensure that all our Fancy Grade nuts are ‘happy pistachios’ and have a wide smile. 

Our pistachios have a light coloured shell and an intense green kernel colour.  The Australian Sirora variety has an excellent pistachio flavour.

Sizes of inshell:

Jumbo (18 - 20 nuts per ounce)

Medium (21 - 26 nuts per ounce)

Small (30 - 40 nuts per ounce)

Artifically opened (21-26 nuts per ounce)


We offer kernels with very low foreign matter and typical of the Sirora variety green colour and strong flavour.

Roasted Pistachios

We can offer all of our inshell grades as dry roasted and salted.


Inshell - raw 1,000kg or 25kg bags

Inshell - roasted & salted 1,000kg, 25kg bags or 10kg & 12.5kg cartons

Inshell - roasted & salted 200gm to 1.5kg consumer packs

Kernels - 2 x 10kg vacuum packed cartons