Our Promise

Nut Producers Australia processes and markets the almonds and pistachios grown by its shareholder growers.

This means we are totally invested in delivering our quality promise to our customers.

As a team of growers, processors and marketers, we promise to deliver the product quality our customers expect every time, on time.

We have sufficient scale and capacity to meet the needs of our customers, but agile enough to personalise our service.

At NPA, customers are not just another ‘number’. All our customers are critically important and our integrated management team have detailed knowledge of our customers’ requirements.

Our almonds are supplied under the Riverland Almond brand from our plant in Loxton, South Australia and our pistachios are supplied under the Australian Pioneer Pistachio brand from our plant in Robinvale, Victoria.

We are dedicated to delivering our Promise by ensuring our quality standards from ‘land to hand’.

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Our History

Nut Producers Australia (NPA) was formed in 2004 when Riverland Almonds and Australian Pioneer Pistachios merged their management and sales functions. By joining these long established businesses, we have been able to offer our customers a broader product range with greater economies of scale.

NPA is proud that the vast majority of our almonds and pistachios are grown by our shareholder growers and directors.

They are the pioneers of the Australian almond and pistachio industries, with more than 150 years of combined experience in the growing, processing and marketing of Australian almonds and pistachios.

As we have grown over the past 15 years, we have developed our quality reputation and our customers’ loyalty.

We control every stage of production, from orchard planning and variety selection to irrigation methods, harvesting regimes, hulling, shelling, sorting and packaging as well as the marketing and sales of our quality finished goods.

We export our products to over sixteen countries.

At NPA, we endeavour to understand your nut business so we can best serve your requirements. From ‘land to hand’, we strive to ensure that our product meets the needs of our valued customers. Being a dynamic organisation, we can react quickly to the needs of our customers, by tailoring our products to suit the particular needs of the markets within which they operate.

When you deal with NPA, you deal directly with the grower and processor.

Our Team

The NPA Team

The Riverland Almonds Team

The Australian Pioneer Pistachio Company (APPC) Team

Our Industry

Nuts for Life

NPA is proud to be a contributor to the Australian nut industry’s health promotion program, Nuts For Life. Mr Chris Joyce, an NPA Director, was the Founding Chair of Nuts For Life and a key driver of its industry-wide achievements.

Nuts for Life promotes a healthy handful of nuts every day by educating Australians on the health benefits of regular nut consumption.

Nuts for Life commissioned a Systematic Literature Review of the role of nuts and heart health which found that nuts as part of a healthy, varied diet, supported good heart health. NPA seeks to promote this important health message through the ‘Nuts Heart Healthy’ logo.

The Almond Board of Australia

NPA is also a founding member of the Australian almond industry’s peak body, the Almond Board of Australia (ABA). The ABA provides a platform for industry members to collectively respond to industry wide issues, invest in research and market development, share knowledge and interact with Government and other stakeholders. NPA is a full participant in the Australian almond industry’s domestic and export marketing programs. One of NPA's founding Directors, Mr Tony Read, was also instrumental in the modernising of the Almond Board of Australia.

Pistachio Growers Association

NPA is a member of Australia’s Pistachio Growers Association which is the peak industry body for Australian pistachio growers. Commercial pistachio growing commenced in Australia in the early 1980’s following a successful breeding program by CSIRO, Merbein. The new variety Sirora was released and found well suited to the conditions of the River Murray valley. There are about 50 growers mainly located along the River Murray.

NPA is a proud of its work in developing the pistachio industry’s consumer promotion ‘The Wise Crack’. This promotion tells the good taste and good health message of eating pistachios every day.